La Mejorada offers a unique pairing between the worlds of wine architecture and art. The nature of the space allows the exhibition of a multidisciplinary art collection that is growing little by little, alongside the elaboration of our wines. La Mejorada, for its size and personality, is perfect for hosting artistic initiatives.

Alfredo Morte

White containers, 2017.

This piece is the left-over of the sound installation “Containers of white noise” at the Moneo Brock gallery _2B Space to be.

The original idea was to make a random collection of containers grouped without order in a square area, and to unify them by a white veil that would appear as an anomalous surface generated by a statistical chaos. The accumulation of pieces was vibrated with motors to expand these visual effects into the sound spectrum.

Finally, the installation was ordered as a sculptural ensemble configuring a true landscape of the artist’s life on those days.

Isidro Blasco

_Casa en línea, 2015

Ex proceso installation created for _2B Space to be at Moneo Brock. _Casa en línea is based on photographs of parts of houses in New York – rooms, corners, ceilings and floors – in which the artist has lived for the past nineteen years, constituting a kind of collage of his life in this metropolis, a display of lived planes blurred into a unique structure. The piece is currently exhibited in the tower of La Mejorada, a new space, extending the short life to which ephemeral installations are destined.


Bordallo Pinheiro


The ceramic swallows, patented in 1896 by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, have become a truly universal symbol. Located in the Mudejar chapel of La Mejorada, they represent the swallows that once nested in the nooks of the building, but following its restoration, have been unable to access the interior. Their presence intends to remind inhabitants and visitors that during all these centuries, swallows occupied this unique space.