La Mejorada Rosado de Guarda

La Mejorada Rosado de Guarda is the first rosé wine developed by Bodegas y Viñedos La Mejorada.

The technical team of La Mejorada has developed a rosé wine that seeks to recover the wine that the Hieronymite monks made in the Monastery itself, a very low layer red wine (almost a rosé); with the aim of settling the historical and moral debt contracted with the historical architectural complex in which they carry out their activity.

It has been created from Tempranillo grapes harvested by hand and coming from the coolest area of the El Prado plot, predominantly of a siliceous nature.

The wine has been made by hand taking advantage of the temperature conditions provided by the winery in a natural way. For this purpose, five 500-litre French oak barrels have been used to make the wine (like the five petals that make up the flower of the quince trees in the cloister of the winery, under which these underground spaces are located).