Las Cercas

La Mejorada Las Cercas comes from the vineyards of the plot of Las Cercas and sincerely expresses the terroir of La Mejorada, the influence of the siliceous soil and the microclimate on the plant and, therefore, in the grape. It is the matrimony of two varieties that share the same soil and that complement each other, the fineness and elegance of Syrah with the rusticity and adaptation of the Tempranillo. It possesses an extraordinary capacity of evolution and over the years develops notable fineness and aromatic complexity.

Among the factors that constitute the terroir of La Mejorada are, firstly, the natural conditions, soil and climate. The climate is what determines the cultivation of the vine. It is what gives the grapes their harmonious maturity. In places like La Mejorada, where the ripening is a slow and random process, the soil acquires an importance where even mild variations, even in neighbouring plots, translate to great differences in the quality and authenticity of the wines.