On the southern flank of the cloisters is where a select grape-picking begins, coming from a grape harvest that is done by hand using boxes of 15 kg. Prior to the grape-picking, numerous inspections of maturity are done to guarantee that the grape harvest is at its optimum point of maturity.


In the southern area of the cloisters is also where the pre fermenting maceration is done during four days at low temperatures. Afterwards, we continue on to alcoholic fermentation with pumping over of the liquid every 6 hours and then on to the stage of post fermenting maceration.
All this is done in fourteen barrels of stainless steel and barrels that are “always full”. Finally, we move on to the stage of malolactic fermentation in barrels of French oak.


The ageing of the wine takes place in the northern flanks and in the West. This is done in French oak barrels — selected by the winery and dried out in the open for 36 months with medium level of tanning—, during the ageing, the wine is tasted to determine the point at which the tertiary aromas and compound tannins and colours have reached their optimum point, always in keeping with the character of the variety and its authenticity. The stabilisation is natural and is done without any kind of filtration.


In bottles from Bordeaux, the sealing of the bottles is done with natural corks. In the eastern flanks the bottled wine is stored, and is where the reduction processes and polishing of tannins and aromas begins.