Despite the fact that the south of the province of Valladolid is traditionally land of white wines with Certificate of Origin Rueda, today it counts on vineyards like those of La Mejorada which produce excellent red wines under the PGI of Wines from Castilla y León.

From the beginning of the harvest of vines at the end of the ‘90s, special care was taken in the establishment of the frames and in the selection of variety of vines. Our viticulture is based on observation and on the non-intervention of chemical products in the management of the vineyard.


With a deliberate production of 2,000 kg per hectare, La Mejorada currently has the following varieties available:

●      Tempranillo
●      Syrah
●      Merlot
●      Malbec
●      Cabernet Sauvignon

While they are, in general, deep sandy soils with a clay foundation, the soils of our vineyards are very diverse.

On the one hand we find an alluvial, deep land of the Quaternary Period; and, on the other, land where the sandy texture of eolian sedimentary origin from the erosion of the Central System predominates.


The pine forests that surround the vineyards, combined with the different levels of land, generate a microclimate that provides the grape with unique physicochemical characteristics. Given that the grape of each plot has different properties, each plot has its own wine and the different varieties of grape are elaborated separately up until the bottling stage.


The climate in the area is continental with dry and hot summers and cold, dry winters; the rainy seasons are usually during the spring and autumn (410 mm/year). These climatic features force us to have a drip watering system that help keep the adequate vitality levels of the vines.