Aside from the complex world of viticulture, the history of the monastery and its chapel is what captivated Rafael Moneo when he and his family decided to purchase La Mejorada. For the prestigious architect from Navarra, the restoration of a large part of the monastery became, in and of itself, a challenge.

The key building for La Mejorada is none other than the old cloisters, as this is where the winery currently sits.

The architecture of the cloisters allows for the lineal order that the wine production process requires.

The majority of the buildings at La Mejorada are now fully restored.

Among others, the old cloisters afore mentioned, the “home of the pilgrim” built in the 17th century, a dovecot which was originally a mill, various storage spaces, farm houses, a fishery and the fences that surround the premises.

All that is left is to finalise the intervention in the most emblematic place of the winery: the Mudejar Chapel, whose floor plans painted by Moneo himself are the brand image worn by all of the winery’s products

The greatest satisfaction gained from this project, according to Moneo, is to “feel the links with what one produces”.

Thanks to the fruitful union of history, architecture and viticulture, La Mejorada has taken on new value and its lands breathe more life than ever.